Tattoo studio Julia Khomina

Julia Khomina is a certified master in the dermatological micropigmentation field. Micropigmentation or permanent makeup is a modern form of cosmetic tattoo. Specialized methods that are used to implant pigments under the epidermis of the skin will help to recreate the form of beautiful lips, eyebrows, eyelids and full lips. These methods strikingly resemble hand-applied makeup!

All services are performed with using of disposable and sterile materials, correspond with all hygiene standards. The latest equipment is used in the work, where special grinding needles are used to avoid tissue injury. The result is a high degree of accuracy and considerable reduction of pain.

Mineral pigments are used in the procedures, because they are much more stable than plant and organic. They do not have solubilization in lymph, and they offer a color palette that looks like a natural complexion.

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